Resident Resources

Additional Information:

Monthly Assessments

Colecroft Owners Association (HOA) Membership Fees (assessments) are due the 1st day of each month.  After ten (10) days, a late fee will be applied.  Payment can be made to Capitol Property Management via check, direct debit or online. 

Landscaping and Watering

Grounds keeping and landscaping in the community is done by a landscaping company, employed by the HOA.  However, resident help is important to keeping plantings thriving.

Home owners are encouraged and responsible for beautifying their yards, steps and porches with flowers and other plants that are harmonious and attractive within the community setting.

At present, there is no coordinated or outside watering service.  As Policy Resolution Number 95-1 (dated July 13, 1995) states, “owners are responsible for the upkeep of any plants or bushes they add and must be kept in a care-for condition,” and the entire community needs your help to water your yard and near-by common area.  Please help to take care of the plants and trees in your community by watering them as necessary.

Together we can keep Colecroft green!

Snow Removal

The current Colecroft OA snow removal contract activates when there is in excess of two (2) inches of snow accumulation.  Our private snow removal contract covers the roadway of Colecroft Court, the parking areas (including the satellite parking lot at the end of Oronoco Street), and the sidewalks, stairs and stoops within the Colecroft development.  It does not cover the roadways of Oronoco Street or North West Street.